Sideform is a family business in search of beauty through the power and the sweetness of light. Coming back to the past, the company come to light more than sixty years ago. The merger of Sidereo and Formaluce gave life to the innovative company of today. 

Design and quality 

What gives you the possibility to distinguish Sideform is the quality as a point of start for every creation. Quality also means doing it right when no one is looking, when no one could recognize which materials you use, which kind of industrial process you made.
 An object qualitatively perfect, will give you wellness every time that you will look it, voluntary or not and more important in this case, both if it is on or off. The value of the quality is expressed first of all by the used material, which can be a metal, polymer, yarn, glass or brass. Make it nude.  


Quality is one of the few tangible aspects of an incoherent world. It's not subjective. It cannot be compromised. It cannot be hidden.